The Birth of Odessa + Josie

Odessa + Josie was named for two important women in Barbara’s life, her great-grandmother Odessa and her grandmother Josie — confident, stylish women who lived their lives with fierce purpose. Odessa, proper and upright, was the kind to always carry a matching, well-appointed handbag. Her daughter Josie was a rebel, a spitfire with attitude to spare, who enjoyed a lively cocktail party, making a splash at every event with the perfect dress or pair of heels. She was the life of the party, exuding fun and a passion for life in everything she did.

These women left their indelible prints on Barbara’s life, inspiring her to create the women’s fashion brand Odessa + Josie in honor of her heritage. Barbara’s creative vision for the brand blends the eclectic beauty of vintage style with a contemporary flare.

Our Philosophy

Odessa + Josie reflects a mixture of contemporary expression and a strong sense  of heritage — for the woman who embraces beauty, lives with passion, and isn’t afraid of individual style. With Odessa + Josie we want to you to expect the unexpected. That means just the right amount of playful detail in our designs.

Philanthropy / Returning Locally

Made in the USA is important to us, and as our way of supporting the people and businesses in our communities, we will strive to use local companies for production whenever possible. We want to support growth and development close to home because there is great talent and potential among us. Our ultimate goal is to provide higher education scholarships and mentorship programs for those that connect with our passion and engage with our communities.